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Are my personal and payment data protected?

We understand that online security is the main priority for our users. We are taking safety measures to make you feel complete confidence that your personal data is protected. 

System used by our company has been certificated with appropriate governing body and satisfies all needed requirements of security. Software undergoes ongoing monitoring and check, as well as thorough testing on a regular basis. 
Olimp takes all possible measures to protect your personal data, but also recommends following personal ways to protect your data physically and electronically:


- Use elaborate passwords to access your account;

- Do not leave computer or any another device without guidance, when you have logged in;

- Use antivirus and update it regularly;

- Use operating system, website and other safety updates. 

- Delete data from your email, in case you have sent them to change registration infromation of your account. 

- Do not trust unauthorized people or groups in any social media, do not provide your confidential data, do not deposit others account or wallets in exchange for any service. All official information can always be found on the official site of Olimp Bookmakers by contacting Customer Support Service

- Olimp, in its turn, takes all possible measures to prevent leakage of confidential information, indicated by user during registration. 

Olimp Bookmakers undertakes all possible measures to provide no access to the user’s data to anyone who is not employed by the company and not related to Internet betting operations. The exception is the cases provided by legislation. 

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